Digital Route Sheet for Your Garmin or Smartphone

On ride day we provide plenty of printed route sheets, AND the ride is well marked. But registered riders can also get a copy of the route sheet in digital format, which you can use on our bike-mounted Garmin or your smartphone.

These files will be available just a few days before the ride, not earlier. We’ll send all registered riders an email message explaining how to get the files and how to use them.

Please be advised that these digital files will have the best information available prior to the start of the ride. If there's ever a discrepency between the paper route sheet, the digital files, or the painted route marks, ALWAYS follow the road markings.  Don't pedal into a brick wall just because some stupid software tells you to.

The Good News/The Bad News

Personally I like using digital route files, and we are happy to provide them to all regsitered riders for free.

There are two problems with these files in my opinion:

1. This ride intentionally uses a lot of cool off-street bike paths, and I find that sometimes the software gets confused when you leave the street and hop on a bike path.

2. If you are using the files on a smartphone, it can use up your battery, especially if you are out on the bike all day.

One secret here is that when we distribute the digital route files, DOWNLOAD them to your phone, instead of using them live.  (This will make a lot more sense when we send out the instrutions for digital files right before the ride).

Clear as mud?  You bet!