Is This the Transportation Alternatives'

NYC Century Ride?

Now THAT is an EXCELLENT question (at least for you trivia buffs...)

I was the tour director for the 2019 Transportation Alternatives' NYC Century ride -- the LAST NYC Century.

You can read an excellent article from the TA crew right here about why 2019 was the last ride. I think they made a wise decision for all the good reasons they mention.

But I dig this ride, I'm pro-fun, and this is what we do, so it's time to saddle up again. The good folks at TA continue to be wonderfully supportive of this project to keep the heart and soul of the NYC Century alive, but they did ask that we change the name (fair enough!) so here we go:



• TA members will still get a discount on ride registration, and you can still become a TA member during online ride registration so that you'll immediately snag the discount.

•We are still committed to raising at least $50,000 for Transportation Alternatives

• The route will look a lot like the last NYC Century route, with some little changes here and there. The goal is still to show you bike paths you may not know about, hidden parks, and neighborhoods that may be new to you.

• Once again I will be your tour director (I feel bad for you already...)

• Start lines in Manhattan and Brooklyn, with routes for beginners and experts

• Route distances for beginners and experts


• I'd like to see some different food choices at the snack stops. I hate to make bold predictions now at this early date, but our motto has always been "We Ride for Pie".  Stay tuned.

• We'll probably get rid of those big rider I.D. numbers on your clothing and give you wristbands instead. I hate picking out my favorite bike jersey for a special ride... and then covering it up with a big number held on by safety pins puncturing my clothing.

• A NEW kid-friendly route that starts and ends in Manhattan.  What happened to the kids' route that started in Brooklyn? It was incredibly complicated to run (requiring coverage from multiple police precincts) and very staff intensive. I still love kids on bikes and hope we'll see you at the ride. Details soon.

• We'll keep wonderful start lines in Manhattan and Brooklyn, but we have moved out of Central Park and Prospect Park.  


Two reasons:

1. Part of our goal is to show you great places to ride you may have never seen before. We love Prospect Park and Central Park -- they make NYC a better place for everyone, including cyclists -- but we think you already know about those locations.

2. As noted above, I'd like to expand on the food choices at some rest stops just a little, and feeding a crowd can get expensive! Using Prospect Park and Central Park costs roughly $12,000 in permit fees. I think those prices are fair, and the staff in both parks have been hugely helpful, but if we can save a bit on those fees, we can spend that money on stuff for you.  If you love those parks we hope you'll continue to ride there and make a donation to them if you can.

• A few surprises up my sleeve that I'm not ready to divulge just yet -- stay tuned!


The ride is dead.

Long live the ride.