What to Pack for the Ride


We get it -- NY law requires bike helmets for kids, but not adults.

But we do require bike helmets for adults and kids. We understand that this is a personal choice, so if you're anti-helmet that's your business... but you can't do our ride.  The end. (This has mostly to do with insurance and legal stuff).

No helmet/no ride/no exceptions.


If we see you riding without a helmet we'll warn you once.

Just once.

Oh yeah, and while we’re being mean, no earphones or cell phones while you’re pedaling either.

If you break these rules we will kick you off the ride and everyone will laugh at you when you’re not looking.  No more rest stops, no souvenir goodies, no refunds.

Water Bottles

Bring TWO water bottles with you or you will dehydrate and die. Have a nice day!


EVERYONE should have these items with them at all times during the ride:

A cell phone (if possible)

A bicycle tire patch kit

TWO inner tubes that fit your bike

A small tire pump


Highly unnecessary. We always see someone pedaling with a 20-pound chain on their bike. This doesn't mean that you should leave your bike unattended; it does mean that you can usually get a trustworthy friend to watch your bike for you while you duck in somewhere for two minutes.


Bring some, for lunch and emergencies.